Democracy is not by the people, of the people, for the people. It is, by true definition by, of, and for the ‘majority’ of the people. Often, it is not in the interest of people but in the interest of the few who are either rich or have earned popularity. Democracy is often celebrated at the expense of people’s decision making power when all the people have in their hands is the right to vote and also to protest–something they do when the crack in the earth is deep.

The beauty of democracy is its acceptance of individual freedom, at least as per the books. This raises a question at the quality of cognitive powers and judgement of those to whom the freedom belongs. If it is so easy to lead people into shopping clothes for happiness and abuse drug for therapy, how credible is the value of their vote? Thus, it becomes a risk when it was supposed to be a gift. Democracy is dangerously powerful in that it depends upon its people. Therefore, whether it is a risk or a gift must be ‘because’ of the people.

As a consequence, an ideal democracy is not possible not because there is not a perfect solution to the problems of governance but because it relies on the conscience of its people.